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狭山銘茶 丸康園 Sayama Meicha, Maruyasuen


A pioneer in growing, producing and selling Sayama tea
Their one minute video “Sayama brand tea” in which they put their spirit in rap music rhythms can be searched on YouTube.


自分の茶畑、自分の工場、自分の店舗、キッチンカーでイベント出店。一点の曇りなく土や樹から、急須から湯呑みへの最後の一滴まで、一貫生産の狭山茶です。店主が全ての過程を吟味するのですが、その一つひとつのプロセスを楽しんでいるのですよ。作ったお茶は、市場には卸さず、すべて自分たちの手で販売しているのです。今でこそ、そういう農家さんは増えていますが、その草分け的存在で、全国から集客のある季節イベントでガッチリと「待っててくれるお茶好きのお客さん」を掴んでいます。イベントに出向きお客様と直接会話するからこそ肌感覚で自分の造ったお茶の何が消費者に響いているのかをつかみ、その結果 農林水産大臣賞や日本茶アワードのプラチナ賞などを受賞しました。今そのDNAは後継者である息子さんに確実に受け継がれつつあります。ベッドタウンとして人口急増中の埼玉県ふじみ野市にあって、林立する高層マンションに住む子育て世代に向けて、茶摘みやお茶を揉む工程を見せるイベント(店主は「祭り」と称しておりました!)をしています。来て見て体験したら、日本茶のイキイキとした魅力にびっくりするはず。まずこのユーチューブ(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_meEHSoSAM)を見て欲しい!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  マジにカッコイイです。

Maruyasuen has its own tea plantation, its own tea factory, its own shop, and also opens an outlet in event by food truck. Their Sayama tea is produced in the completely integrated manufacturing system without any shadow, from soil and trees to the last drop in a Japanese small tea pot and a teacup. The shop owner tests the whole process carefully, but actually he is enjoying every one of the process. They sell the tea they produced by themselves instead of selling wholesale to the market. Such farmers are increasing these days but Maruyasuen is a pioneer of them. They gain “customers who love tea and have been waiting for their tea” tightly in the seasonal events where customers gather from all around Japan. They can gain a sense of what part of the tea they produced resonates with consumers by talking with customers directly in the event, and as a result they won Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Prize and platinum prize of Nihoncha Award. Such DNA is certainly being handed down to their son who will be the successor. The shop is located in Fujimino-city in Saitama prefecture whose population is rapidly growing as a commuter town to Tokyo, and they are holding events of tea-picking and tea-picking process show for the families with small children who live in the surrounding high-rise apartments (The owner called the event a festival). If you come to experience these events, you will be definitely surprised by Japanese tea’s liveliness and attractiveness. Anyway, we want you to see this YouTube( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_meEHSoSAM )first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really cool.

自家的茶田,自家的工厂,自家的店铺,以餐车方式参与活动。从土与茶树开始,至急须至注入最后一滴茶到茶杯为止,为完全一贯生产的狭山茶,老板享受着一个一个的过程。制作出来的茶,不做批发,全部自己来销售。如今这一类的农家虽然不断地在增加,但丸康园如同先驱者存在。于全国的客人聚集的季节活动中,坚持找寻着「等着我们的爱茶客」。与参加活动的客人直接对话才能了解自己亲自制的茶其客人的反应为何,造就了获得农林水产大臣赏与日本茶Award白金赏的成就。这个DNA也确实由自己后继者的儿子所继承。身为大城市的近郊都市,人口急增的琦玉县ふじみ野市,对住在高楼林立的育儿世代所举办的摘茶与可参观揉茶工程的活动(老板称作为「祭典」!) 体验后,相信会被感受日本茶充满能量的魅力所震撼。首先希望您能先看这个YOUTUBE影片(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_meEHSoSAM) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!真的相当厉害。

狭山銘茶 丸康園



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