お茶屋さん巡り Visit the Japanese teahouse 茶屋巡礼

Satén japanese tea


An unusual Japanese tea café even in Japan that provides single origin tea leaves from Sencha to Matcha.
Pay attention to the owner Mr.Koyama who is a not Barista but Cha-rista.


西荻窪にある、抹茶プリンが有名な、あのSatén さんへ、日本茶ビギナーのサナダが行ってきました!

I, Sanada who is a begginer of Japanese tea, visited that ‘Satén japanese tea’ in Nishi-Ogikubo which is famous for Matcha pudding.



The café like a traditional Japanese-style house has a relaxing atmosphere and is so stylish. It makes me want to take a picture. By the way, they also tell photogenic spots.

古民家风格的店铺,带着恬静氛围且时尚,会让人不禁想拿起手机拍照呢! 顺带一提,店员会告诉你在店里的哪里可以拍出美照喔!



I ordered the most popular ’Matcha latte’ this time. ‘Cha-rista’, Mr. Koyama, brewed right in front of me. He told the attraction of Japanese tea as a ‘brewer’ of tea with enjoying tea time.

这次点了店里最有人气的抹茶拿铁, 「茶职人」的小山店长就直接在我的面前示范点茶,他以泡茶师的身分,一边让我了解日本茶的魅力的同时,在店里度过了愉快的时光。


Actually, all of Satén’s tea leaves, Sencha and Matcha too, are made by the same farmer. The most of Japanese teas are blended with teas made by many different farmers, but it’s unusual to select only the same famer’s one!



The farmer appeared and talked about their thought for their tea production in Satén’s Instagram live.




Katakuchi matcha bowl* which is used in the cafe is a Satén’s original product. The size, easy to use, the structure for making matcha green tea and so on… It was created to be able to use at not cafe but also house. It has a lip spout, so you become able to enjoy various ways, ‘Add Extra Matcha’ (ex. adding extra matcha sauce to cheese cakes) There are a lot of people who buy it with matcha after enjoy the latte at cafe.

*Tea bowl designed with a spout to pour easily



It is the cafe that you like Japanese tea more and more with having a relaxing time.




    • Satén japanese tea
    • 〒167-0054東京都杉並区松庵3-25-9
    • TEL:03-6754-8866
    • 営業時間:日〜木 10:00〜18:00 金・土 10:00〜21:00
    • 定休日:なし
    • HP:https://saten.jp/
    • Satén japanese tea
    • 3-25-9 Shouan, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0054
    • TEL: 03-6754-8866
    • Open
    • Sun.-Thu. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
    • Fri.-Sat. 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.
    • Open all year round
    • HP: https://saten.jp/