お茶屋さん巡り Visit the Japanese teahouse 茶屋巡礼

名古屋市 茶香丸源 Sakoumarugen in Nagoya city


All the tea lovers and cat lovers gather around!
“A pack of Sencha green tea with message by “Mitarashi-chan who is a mascot cat of this tea shop”


今回は、創業が明治20年という老舗「茶香(さこう)丸源」さん。名古屋の中心地区にある、アネックス本店店長・永井 大也さんに、一煎袋の活用方法を中心にお話を伺いました。

This time, we would like to introduce you a long-established tea shop named “Sakoumarugen” which was founded in 1887. We interviewed Mr. Daiya Nagai, a shop manager of the Annex main shop in Nagoya central district about how to use a tea pack.

这次来到了创业于明治20年的老店「茶香丸源」,向位于名古屋中心地区的ANNEX本店店长永井 大也先生请教了关于一煎袋的活用方法。



▼Very popular Mitarashi-chan!


We place a lot of items using packages of “Mitarashi-chan” near the entrance where many people pass through. A lot of people from students to the elderly stop by to see them. Figure is also appreciated by customers. They choose it as a gift for people who love both tea and cats.



▼A tea pack is to attract customers by its design!




We repeated a lot of attempts such as changing types of tea according to the packages when we introduced a tea pack a few years ago, but we gradually noticed that customers are buying a tea pack just by its design. They choose a pack on which there is a message they want, such as “thank you” and “a little something for you”.  We also offer Sencha green tea, roasted green tea, and brown rice tea in a separate pack with three different messages. Each pack contains two tetra-model tea bags.

We are also particular about tea itself, so a sticker explaining tips for making tea and appropriate temperature is attached on the back so that customers can make tasty tea and enjoy it happily.

Even though it takes time, we just use our spare time on packing and seal sticking in order to make good products.

多年前刚引进一煎袋的时候,像依包装设计改变茶种之类,不断的从错误中学习,但看到客人的购买方式发觉「大家都是看包装购买的阿」。 「谢谢(ありがとう)」や「这是我真正的心意(ほんの気持ちです)」等,大家是看到有想要的Message而购买的。在这之后, 以煎茶・焙茶・玄米茶 各使用不同的Message包装而进行商品展开。包装里则放了两个三角锥形的茶包。



▼ We also have foreign tourists



Since Nagoya is a tour spot for foreigners, tourist buses often stop across the street. Therefore, we have a lot of foreign customers as well. Some people just enjoy having tea and sweets here while some people buy souvenir. We offer free tea tasting too. I think many western people buy tea leaves while many Asian people buy Japanese small teapots.




We enjoyed delicious Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets!



【茶香 丸源】
〒460-0003 愛知県名古屋市中区錦3-5-4


Nishiki 3-5-4, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi prefecture, 460-0003

052-953-2870(Closed according to the facilities)https://www.facebook.com/sakoumarugen/