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茶匠 おくむら園 Okumuraen


The lesson that you can learn Japanese tea’s world with fun is popular.
From a beginner course to a Japanese tea instructor training course.
There are a lot of requests for the training from schools and companies.


西新井の関原商店街に店を構える、おくむら園さん。昭和の雰囲気が残っている商店街として有名で、最近では、外国人観光客も数多く訪れるそうです。日本茶インストラクターの奥村さんが開講している日本茶教室に、日本茶業中央会 専務理事 中島様と社長の橋本と企画推進部のメンバーで参加してきました!

Okumuraen is located in Nishiarai Sekihara Shopping Street, where is known as a shopping street that have good old atmosphere of the Showa era, and a lot of foreign tourists also visit there these days. Japan Tea Industry Central Association senior managing director Mr. Nakajima, our company president Ms. Hashimoto and planning department’s members went to the Japanese tea lesson that Japanese tea instructor Ms. Okumura teaches!
Her lesson was really beneficial because she has given a lot of lessons at school and company. “Amino acid (umami taste) is slowly extracted at low temperature.” “When you pour boiling water over tea leaves, caffeine and catechin that lead bitterness will dissolves in the water” and more. We learnt logically about the ingredient and effect of tea.

位于西新井的关原商店街的奥村园(おくむら园) 。在这还残留着昭和氛围的商店街中相当知名,最近似乎有不少外国观光客前来造访。这次日本茶业中央会専务理事 中岛先生与株式会社吉村的社长桥本小姐以及企划部的成员们,一同参与了由日本茶讲师奥村小姐所开设的日本茶教室。奥村小姐也到许多学校与企业举办类似讲座,其日本茶教室的内容让我们受益良多。成为日本茶旨味的氨基酸,要在低温下才能慢慢被抽取出来,若是注入热开水于茶叶,其苦味与涩味成分的咖啡因与儿茶素会被溶解出来…等等,学习到了其原理。


Different people have different taste. The same is true of how to brew tea. When I come to think of it, the opportunity when we can know about it is rare. In the lesson, I brewed freely two cups of tea with Japanese teapot. First cup of tea was mine, and I give the second to the person sitting on my right and drank tea which was given by the person sitting on my left…Then the taste was quite different!
Even though everyone know the basic ways to brew tea like this “After cooling down hot water…” “Pour after steaming…” different people have different ways to brew, and there is a difference between the tastes of tea which they brewed. It’s very simple, but I could learn from this experience. And, I could naturally talk with the person sitting next to me and realized such an exchange plays a good role in the lesson.



Also, it was interesting for me to be able to experience a process that Japanese tea specialty shop selects tea leaves for selling at the shop.
It seems that pros and cons of tea leaves are revealed by extracting with boiling water. I could face tea leaves with professional perspective by using ‘Haikenbon (a black tray for checking grades and quality of green tea)’ just like a Japanese tea appraiser.
I think that the more we accumulate experience like this the more we will be able to know what kind of tea we like.


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About Japanese tea lesson

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    • TEL:03-3886-2863
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