お茶屋さん巡り Visit the Japanese teahouse 茶屋巡礼

長峰製茶 新橋店 Nagamineseicha, Shinbashi shop


Tokyo branch shop that came from Shizuoka “The city of Japanese tea”
Authentic Japanese tea specialty shop in Shinbashi known as a businessmen’s town
. I recommend it ‘For guests’ and ‘For Business gifts’!!



えーっ、こんな風にお茶のストーリーを今の自分にリンクして語ってくれるお茶屋さんは初めて!! だいたい「生葉のジュース」って何なんだ??? 「とんがった言葉」をお茶を淹れるたびに、思い出すにちがいない!! 特別なプレゼントをいただいた気持ちになりました。

“May I please ask you three questions for a hint that I should recommend what kind of tea to you?” This shop manager talked to me with an impish smile. I could enjoy even time when I answered the questions for looking back my action briefly. Then she said, “I would like to recommend a fresh Shincha (Shincha is a tea that made of the first fresh leaves of the season). It activates your brain and helps you come up with a new idea when you can’t think of any good ideas in a meeting because it is a tea like a fresh leaf juice made from the leaves into which condensed soil nutrients. It will refresh you and your coworkers and help you get a next move in the difficult situation.”

Wow!! I have never seen such a Japanese tea shop that told me the tea’s story like this while linking with what I am today!! What is “Fresh leaf juice” anyway??? Whenever I brew tea, I should remember her unique words!! I felt like I was given a special gift.
This shop is a direct sells shop of Nagamineseicha in Yaizu, Shizuoka that is famous for an online shopping, too. It is the shop that keep on sending love for Japanese tea and its passion every day in Shinbashi, businessmen’s town. There are not only Japanese tea brewed with a Japanese teapot but also matcha soft serve ice cream on which is sprinkled as much matcha powder as you choke on it every time you have a bite, and you can also compare various types of cold Japanese tea brewed with Filter-in-bottle. This shop has a lot of knowledges and fields to amuse customers and is pouring “Soul of Japanese tea shop” into all even if it is a little thing.
It is so reassuring that you can receive good advice about gifts because you have known this authentic Japanese tea shop.


疑ー将茶的故事跟我们的生活做连结的介绍方式,这种茶屋还是头一次见到!!更何况「生叶果汁」是什么??? 像此种「特殊言语表现」在每次泡茶时一定会回想起来!!心情就像是收到了特别的礼物一样。这里是在静冈县焼津以日本茶网购著名的长峰制茶的直营店。座落在上班族的街道新桥,不断展现日本茶屋的态度与对于茶的热爱的一间店。不仅有用急须所冲泡的茶,撒上品尝时会被粉呛到般大量抹茶的抹茶霜淇淋,以及不同茶种用Filter-in-bottle冲的冷泡试喝等等,商品范围相当广,不管多简单的商品都寄宿着「日本茶屋的态度」。