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会社名 株式会社吉村
創業 1932年(昭和7年)7月
会社設立 1954年(昭和29年)10月11日
業種 茶・海苔を主とする食品包装資材の企画、製造、販売。
資本金 9,100万円
社員数 193名(2014年10月現在)他に再雇用子会社正雄舎に30名
(男性122名/女性71名 平均年齢40.09歳/平均勤続年数12.01年)
事業所所在地 本社:〒142-0041東京都品川区戸越4-7-15
TEL 03-3788-6111  FAX 03-3788-8805
取締役・監査役 代表取締役社長    橋本久美子
代表取締役副社長   吉村鉄也
専務取締役      影山和夫
取締役営業本部長  辻公二郎
取締役物流本部長  境田龍太郎
監査役    杉田康行

Corporate philosophy

Your business partner by wrapping your thoughts and creating future.

Packaging material is a medium that cherish, protect, maintain, and convey the value of products.
We would like to help our clients to communicate with their customers by delivering thoughts or story of the producer, let them imagine how the product can be utilized in their lives, tell benefits to the purchaser...etc. To do this, we introduce continues PDCA cycles that includes marketing and designing the products, displaying products, running event, doing public relations, do follow-up researches, and renewals of products.
We are aiming to become a packaging company that grow together with the goods we work with. We have a strength in the integrated production line that holds a maneuverability and small lot production which can be produced from 2,000 m gravure printing and On-demand digital film printing.
Let's create together a mechanism that motivate consumers to purchase your products!"

- Kumiko Hashimoto 

Company Name Yoshimura Package Partners Co., Ltd.
Establishment July, 1932
Company Formation Oct 11,1954
Business Industry Planning, manufacturing, selling of food packaging materials.
(Multi-color gravure printing, on-demand digital printing, laminating, slitting, bag processing, processing pressure marks)
Capital 9.1 million yen
Numbers of Employees 205(in Oct 2014)
(Male 122 Famail 71/ The average age 40.09 years / The average length of service 12.01 years)
Office Locations Main Office: Togoshi 4-7-15, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3788-6111  FAX +81-3-3788-8805
Shizuoka Office: Echigoshima 408, Yaizu, Shizuoka
Kansai Office: Kamitobasugata-machi 21 1F, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Tohoku Office: Oroshimachihigashi 1-4-20, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi
Nishi Nihon Office: Nakahata 4-26-15, Ohnojo, Fukuoka
Kagoshima Office: Nanei 5-10-10, Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Shizuoka Factory: Echigoshima 407, Yaizu, Shizuoka
Logistic Center: Echigoshima 409, Yaizu, Shizuoka
Yutakacho Building: Yutakacho 5-7-8, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Director Auditor President & CEO Kumiko Hashimoto
Executive Vice President Tetsuya Yoshimura
Senior Managing Director Kazuo Kageyama
Director of Sales Kojiro Tsuji
Director Logistics Division Ryutaro Sakaida
Auditor Yasuyuki Sugita